Leading Attorney General candidate, Kris Kobach, is petitioning the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals to review the Biden administration’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate on businesses, the Alliance for Free Citizens announced today.

In his role as chief counsel for the Alliance, Kobach is representing two North Dakota companies that under the new OSHA rule will be required to mandate vaccines for their employees. 

“This vaccine mandate attempts to take the federal government where it has never gone before — into the realm of forcing unwanted vaccines into the bodies of American citizens,” Kobach said. “We must win this fight, and we will win this fight.” 

Defending Kansans against overreach from the Biden administration, like the OSHA vaccine mandate, is a central focus of Kobach’s campaign for Kansas Attorney General. 

Though another U.S. Circuit Court has issued an emergency stay of the OSHA order, Kobach is urging the 8th Circuit to issue a halt to the mandate until all issues are fully litigated and resolved. 

“This case is crucial in the defense of our Constitution against an overreaching administration in Washington, D.C.,” Kobach said. “Our country’s founders created a federal government that was supposed to be one of enumerated and limited powers. If they were alive to see it, they would be appalled at what OSHA is attempting to do under the guise of regulating interstate commerce.”

The Alliance for Free Citizens is a national organization dedicated to defending the constitutional liberties guaranteed to all Americans.