TOPEKA, KANSAS — Kris Kobach officially filed to run for Kansas Attorney General today.

“On a host of issues from vaccine mandates to attempts to restrict our Second Amendment rights, the Biden administration and its allies in Congress have disregarded the constitutional limits on federal power. The most important officer who can fight back against such unconstitutional actions is a state attorney general,” Kobach said.

The former Kansas Secretary of State announced a Five Point Plan for the Kansas Attorney General’s Office. The plan outlines his commitment to Kansans and the experience he will bring to the AG’s office to help accomplish the plan’s initiatives.

Kobach will prosecute voter fraud as the next attorney general, according to the five-point plan.

“As Kansas Secretary of State, I drafted the 2011 law that made Kansas’s elections the most secure in the nation,” Kobach said. “I brought photo ID and advance ballot security to our state, and drafted the Kansas law that gives both the Kansas Secretary of State and the Kansas Attorney General the ability to prosecute voter fraud. As Attorney General, I will be the first Kansas Attorney General to use that authority to prosecute voter fraud.”

Kobach is a long-time leader on election security. Former President Donald Trump tapped Kobach to lead his commission on election integrity. Kobach successfully prosecuted more than a dozen voter fraud cases as Kansas Secretary of State.

If elected to Attorney General, Kobach will create a special litigation unit within the AG’s office, according to the plan. The unit will be tasked with suing the Biden administration to defend Kansans’ constitutional rights.

“Leftists weaponized the legal system using activist judges to implement their ideas when voters and legislators refuse. It’s called lawfare, and the Left has engaged in it for decades,” Kobach said. “But when there’s a leftwing president in office who is violating federal law and shredding the Constitution, it’s time for conservatives to engage in lawfare to save the country.”

As a private attorney, Kobach has already filed four lawsuits against the Obama and Biden administrations. He also worked as a constitutional law professor for 15 years.

His 5-point plan also includes initiatives to restore Kansas’s pro-life laws, strengthen Kansas’s protections against consumer fraud, and eliminate Kansas conceal and carry registration fees.

Read the Five-Point Plan (PDF)