Mark “Oz” Geist, a fighter in the Battle of Benghazi who was later depicted in the box office hit “13 Hours” endorsed Kris Kobach today for Kansas Attorney General.

“Kris Kobach is a man of integrity you can trust to defend law and order in Kansas. He has the experience suing Obama and Biden — and winning. He wrote the toughest election security laws in the nation,” said Geist. “But most important of all — and why I endorse Kris Kobach — he won’t back down from a fight. I know what it’s like to stand and fight against the odds. Kris will go into battle to defend our laws from the radical left. You can trust him to fight for you — and win.”

Geist joins conservative heavyweights Sen. Ted Cruz and former Attorney General John Ashcroft endorsing Kris Kobach for Kansas Attorney General. Kobach is also endorsed by Kansans for Life and Focus on the Family Founder, Dr. James Dobson.