TV Ad: Kris Kobach is Ready

Kris Kobach is the qualified, experienced and trusted candidate for Attorney General.

Kris Kobach takes on Anthony Fauci over Border COVID Testing

Kris Kobach takes on Anthony Fauci's border COVID testing claims on Fox.

Senator Ted Cruz Endorses Kris Kobach for Attorney General

Senator Cruz calls on Conservatives to get behind Kris Kobach.

Kobach Files Lawsuit Over Biden OSHA Mandate

Kris Kobach sues OSHA on behalf of employers and employees over Biden's vaccine mandate.

Kobach Sues Over Biden’s Border Crisis

Kris Kobach files suit in federal court to end the Biden Border Crisis.

Kris Kobach on Fox News: Biden Forces Vaccines on Americans, Ignores Illegals

Kris Kobach joins Brian Kilmeade on the Ingraham Angle to discuss the Biden Administration forcing vaccines and masks for Americans, but not for illegal aliens.